All About the Heizkoerperthermostate im Tes

Thermostat radiator regulator or controller is a self-regulating device that finds nearby temperature changes and accordingly efficiently controls the temperature in homes.

Heizkoerperthermostate im Tes

Inside the Controller
The controller valve consists of the valve head situated over the valve system. A change in room temperature induces a capsule inside the valve mind to contract or expands resulting in an upward or downward movement of a trap that affects the opening or close of the valve body.

Controller Types
The radiator controller are available in 2 types —

· Analog

· Electronic

The Analog Controller supports manual setting of parameters and can be comparatively cheaper.

The Digital Controls is battery operated and constantly monitor the ambient temperature and control the movement of pin accordingly and consequently control the heating system of the radiator. The electronic screen helps to set the desired temperature. The heating power can be thus controlled accordingly.

The device is compact, sturdy, aesthetically designed and is easily installable. It gives savings benefit concerning money and energy. There are various versions catering to the varied requirements of our customers.

Stiftung Warentest, the German consumer organization had performed various tests on the various models to evaluate controller feature, device management, and battery consumption. It’s concluded that considerable energy and money saving benefits can be realized using the analogue and electronic versions of the thermostat radiators.

While testing the control function, the effects of external warmth and the deviation of temperature from the chosen value were also studied.

Handling assessments for experts were conducted. The manual was completely scrutinized. The noise level of this battery-operated valve driveway was also tested.
The results of tests carried out on the various models definitely suggest that thermostat radiator controllers are a necessity in contemporary houses.

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