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Radiator transfer thermal energy from one medium to another. It is designed to function in an automobile, buildings, and electronics. This supplies the heat to its environment.  To control the temperature according to your comfort zone is done by the thermostat. It is screwed onto the radiator. A thermostat is a gadget that is used to turn off and on your heating or cooling devices. It manages the optimum temperature for your house, car, workplace etc. Using it smartly can cut your excess power bill and as it is energy saver so eco-friendly. There are kinds of the thermostat so we need to know the most suitable one for us.

Types of radiator regulator or radiator thermostat;

Radiator regulator/controller or radiator thermostatic the two name for one same device. Various type of radiator thermostats is available in the market. For Heizkoerperregler test, here is the overview of thermostats. They are as follow;

  • Electronic thermostat- This thermostat works fully automatic after one-time It will change the heat according to your presence and absence in the house. That’s how it saves energy as well as money. No worries about overheating of a room once you programmed it to adjust the temperature differently for different time and day of the week. 
  • Mechanical thermostat-This is cheaper and easy to install a thermostat that you can purchase. The temperature has to be set every time by the user. 
  • The smart or wireless thermostat- This thermostat is controlled by radio or WLAN. Therefore it has become part of the smart The settings can be changed by the mobile or computer before you reach your room. Not everyone has fixed schedule so it can serve them the best service by changing the setting of your thermostat.

In summary, thermostats are equipped with the radiator to regulate the temperature according to our need but choosing the right one with the help of Heizkoerperreglertestcan serve your purpose to the fullest. Examinations and test proved again and again that electronic thermostat is rather efficient and energy saving than any other sort of thermostat. For further details, you can log on to

Heizkoerperregler test to guide you:



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